Custom UI/UX
The majority of custom whale behavior can be achieved by modifying the ~/.whale/config/config.yaml file, accessible through the command wh config.

Changing the default editor

Whale references the $EDITOR environmental variable to determine what binary should be used to open the table stub markdown files when enter is pressed on a selected table in wh. To change the default editor, simply set this variable in your shell's .rc file.

Modifying the preview command

By default, table stubs surfaced in wh are done so through bat --color=always --style='changes', providing syntax highlighting and inline git change-tracking. If bat is not installed, cat is used as a fallback.
However, we also expose a config setting preview_command, which can be added to your wh config file in plain yaml as follows:
preview_command: bat --color=always
This is primarily useful for customizing the flags passed to bat (you can set the theme, the layout, etc.), but any command that writes to stdout can also be used here.